Add a touch of elegance to your attires with beautiful gemstone jewelry

It goes without saying that precious gemstones hold such enamoring charm and they come in myriad of captivating hues that never fail to cast a spell on the onlookers. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, citrines, peridots, spinels, these gemstones dazzle at all the occasions and add glamour to the personality of the wearer. These tantalizing gemstones have been beautifully crafted in jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. Going by the fact that gemstone jewelry has been reining in the world of fashion, with it being the inspiration of most designers for jewelry shows, it can be said that the vogue is here to stay.

Find gemstones jewelry inspired by designer trends on the online stores

Visit the online store of KRM Creations where it is so easy to come upon mesmerizing gemstone jewelry designs. The designers working for the store come up with appealing styles which reflect refinement and grace. Such are the designs that you’d love sporting them time and again, with best part being the fact that the colorful gemstones go with most attires. These gemstones are available in colors such as black, white, pink, red, green, yellow, orange, purple, multi-colors and many others.

Myriad of hues

The gemstone jewelry comes wonderfully set in fine-quality metal such as 14kt gold, sterling silver as well as other precious metals, with color varying from pink vermeil, rose gold, white, yellow gold, etc. the trend of gemstones is seen in every kind of jewelry piece be it linear earrings, chandelier earrings, choker necklace or layered necklace.

Go bold or keep it subtle

The definition of style differs from person to person. Some like to adorn graceful charm while others look to make a mark by opting for bold look. KRM provides so many varieties to the visitors and it’s effortless for them to zero upon the jewelry of their choice. For bold look, nothing works well than statement gemstone jewelry which comes in forms such as statement earrings, statement necklaces, statement rings, etc. Meanwhile, to carry sophisticated look, opt for the variety of classic jewelry pieces available at the online store of KRM.

Look your best always with glamorous gemstone necklace and pendants

Wardrobe of a lady is always incomplete without classy pieces of jewelry. They jazz up the closet and never fail to add glamor to the look. Though there is no need to have copious jewelry pieces and few dazzling pieces would be ample, after all there is always a charm in repeating the stuff and still come out refreshing every time. That is a trick every woman must learn.

Even though it’s the earrings which happen to hold a special place in a woman’s wardrobe, but other pieces too enjoy significance, such as a necklace garners too much attention towards the sleek neck and in turn makes the face sparkle in glory. There are abundant of necklace designs out there in the market and you can pick your style from the sleek ones to the statement necklaces, which surely happens to be a rage since some time now and it goes without saying that this is one trend which is here to stay.

Gemstone Necklaces

In case, you are looking for something new and exciting, then nothing beats the enchantment of gemstone necklaces, as they are supremely attractive and make the women look highly attractive every time they adorn these jewels. These colorful gems hold such power that they can even pull off a boring look and make the wearer appear quite appealing to the eyes. The thing with gems is they always look fabulous and have effervescent charm that never fails to garner attention.

While most women prefer timeless jewelry pieces, other wants to carry trends as well, and the beauty of gemstone jewelry is that they are enduringly striking as well as happen to be in vogue these days. Even on runway they are having a go as most jewelry designers are cashing on the frenzy and letting in gemstones in their presentations. The most charismatic gemstones in necklaces and pendants happen to be tourmaline, morganite, aquamarine briolette, red agate, pink chalcedony, rose quartz, etc. These are strikingly combined with white diamonds and other dazzling gemstones, as well as studded with quality metals such as sterling silver and gold, in colors such as pink vermeil, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, etc.

It’s quite effortless to fetch the beguiling gemstones necklace at, at really attractive prices. So be ready to come around as fashionable yet timeless.

Why KRM is just the right haunt to buy the strikingly colorful stones?

Gemstones come in myriad of hues, tone as well as saturation and they look absolutely exquisite on the wearer. These prized stones are used in decorative items but they are most commonly used in jewelry. In the olden times, gemstone jewelry was worn by the royals, while today most ladies love being decked up with these ornaments.

What really is a gemstone?

Well the cut and polished minerals happen to be gemstones and they are then given the desired shapes. However, not all the minerals can be turned into gemstones as only the ones possessing solidity and firmness are suitable for gemstones.

Why KRM?

At KRM Jewelers, which happen to be a trusted name, we offer the customers with wide range of gemstones as well as gemstones studded jewelry, which come in extensive designs. Stunningly cut gemstones are perfect for all occasions and beautify the personality of wearer all the more. In order to suit the taste of the customers and to meet their demands, we have gemstones in several colors as well as stone quality, so that it’s easy for the customers to reach the right decision.


Get the gemstone and jewels at the best price

Here the price range of the gemstones and jewels vary from the size, color, cut and shape of the stone. At KRM, there is something for everyone, hence when visiting the online store you certainly won’t be going empty-handed. There is a variety of designs for all the occasions and the well-crafted pieces of jewelry are dazzling. They even turn out to be great for gifting purpose as well, for the occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and several others. Gemstone rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, there are many captivating options available for the customers.

Loose gemstones

Yes, loose gemstones are needed when one desires for custom-made jewelry as well as they can be used for décor. They vary from agate, amethyst, garnet, spinel, sapphire, citrine, emerald, lemon, ruby, etc.

Secure Shipping

We offer secure shipping as well as are bound to offer finest quality gemstones and jewels to the customers, while aiming to keep them eternally satisfied.

Fill your wardrobe with the latest jewelry styles and be ready to flaunt your best

Ladies love displaying luxury getting decked up with ornaments and it instantly fills them up with extreme glee, just as dolling up always does. No matter what mood they are in, they prefer flaunting their best going for the right attire, jewelry and other accessories.

If diamond is a girl’s best friend, there are other jewel styles as well which they equally adore and gemstone jewelry happens to be something that never goes out of time, hence remains on the wish-list of every woman out there.

What really is special about gemstone jewelry?

Well, the craze of gemstone jewelry is not really new, as these jewels have been decking up the women since many centuries and continue to do so. In fact, their popularity is now growing all the more, as ladies of all age groups are going for the trendy designs. The vintage charm carried by gemstones always leaves a long-lasting impression on the onlookers and the wearer will be mesmerized to be a proud owner. In fact, most of the ancestral jewelry happens to be accentuated with gemstones.

gemstone jewelry for women

One of the best features of gemstone is also that it gives the wearer an option to try out as many colors as desired. There are uncountable options, such as Agate, Amethyst, Garnet, White Topaz, Spinel, Sapphire, Emerald, Rubies, Rose Quartz, etc. They are found in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelet, and come in many striking designs.

Another wonderful trait is that the quality remains same forever, which is why most people consider gemstones as a great option from investment point of view. They cast a spell on the onlookers time after time and hence they’re greatly in demand.

Gemstones are beautifully crafted in metals such as .925 sterling silver, 14kt Rose Gold, Fine Silver, Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Vermeil, White Gold, Yellow Vermeil, among others.

Buy the best quality gemstones from the leading online jewelry store, KRM

There was a time when jewelry-loving women would spend hours on the brick-and-mortar stores to zero upon the right kind of jewelry desired by them. However, today the scenario is much different with the presence of several trusted online jewelry stores, which make it easy for the shoppers to order the well-liked jewelry pieces from the comfort of their homes. This indeed is a best manner to save money on the fine jewelry as well as precious stones.

For the unbeknownst, usually the online vendors are said to have lower overhead costs compared to the retailers, thus they’ve the freedom to sell out the fine jewelry pieces at lesser prices. Mostly, these online stores sell out the jewelry at 50% less amount than one gets at the brick-and-mortar shops.

Having said that, pay extra attention while shopping online, to avoid silly mistakes. However, once taken care of the same, buying from the online jewelry store turns out to be an absolute shopping experience, with you having the choice to select unique jewelry pieces from the wide collection.

So don’t hesitate, while buying the wonderful gemstones at competitive prices from KRM, where utmost care is taken of the quality of gemstones, ensuring that our customers always have a pleasant shopping experience.

Five reasons why buying gemstones from KRM is the right option:

Pick out the desired Carat Weight

Buyers are at the liberty to go for the right carat weight. There are great range of options, so pick as per the taste and budget. You have all time in the world to make the right choice.


As discussed in the earlier blogs, gemstones are great from investment perspective and to make sure that the customers get the best deal, certification of the gemstone is provided, so they can breathe a sigh of relief, while placing an order.

Wide range of collections

It varies from Deluxe, Deluxe Quality and Deluxe Top Quality. They are all worth the value as the shoppers can have their pick depending on the budget.

Desired Composition

The composition differs from Beryl and Natural Gemstone. Needless to say, natural gemstones have great value and they’re rare to find, hence they fall in expensive range, while Beryl is highly affordable to most.

Variety of Gemstones

Agate, Amethyst, Garnet, Tourmaline, Spinel, Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Emerald, Quartz, in all, there is just no count of the variety of gemstones and the hues they come in. While shopping online, you have all time to go through the many varieties and select the ones who like the most. These gemstones also differ in the cut and shape; pick the right one, going through the list of options.

Wide price range

The price range of gemstones start from $101, at KRM, and goes up to $5000+, thus we’ve a little something for everyone. Just have your pick and we make the experience of shopping quite effortless and memorable for our customers.

Fall is ready to knock, so make sure you are jewelry-ready!

Are you a jewelry lover? Well, like most ladies out there, it’s certain your answer must be in affirmative and with fall around the corner you must be keen about the new trends which would enter with knock of a new season. Now that it’s just months away, be ready to come up with a shopping wish list with us.

Going by the jewelry trends on the runways, big and bold jewelry pieces are certainly going to rule, however don’t underestimate the rein of classic pieces like stud earrings and sleek bracelets as well. Keep it classic on some days; while on others flaunt the statement pieces.

Here are the trends you must swear by this Fall, in order to flaunt your ravishing side:

Make a bold statement with dazzling gemstone rings

The allure of gemstone jewelry just can’t be denied as it’s always been loved by the jewelry aficionados. Gemstone rings too are a hit for all the seasons, though the patterns may keep changing. Speaking of the Fall look, go for the rings with bold designs. They can be studded with single big gemstone or designed with combination of many. Select as per your taste and preference.

Adorn captivating earrings in stud and drop designs

Earrings add an instant spark to the look and this Fall as you layer the rest of you, make the glint visible going for the gemstone earrings in stud and drop designs, with the option of many colors to choose from. Alexandrite, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Ruby, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Afghanistan, are the stones which are a rage nowadays in the world of fashion.

Deck up with sparkling gemstone bracelet

Bracelets, without any doubt, will instantly bring the attention towards the striking wrist of yours. Either go with single gemstone color or the multi-color ones, you’re certain to fetch the eyeballs. So, find some room for these in your jewelry box and be ready to look stunning.

Add some hue to the persona with gemstone pendants and necklaces

Enchanting pendants and necklaces absolutely do wonders when one is keen on attaining an enthralling look. The beauty of your sleek neck is sure to enhance when adorned with pendants and necklaces brilliantly studded with the gemstones.

Sleek rings make for classic look but nothing can beat the allure of statement gemstone rings!

Most women have this penchant for jewel pieces, while there are some who don’t. However, even these jewelry loathers love splurging on the rings. Yes, such is the charm! Since ages, rings have been ruling the jewelry closet of every girl, whether they are the fashionistas or casual chics. They just all love wearing rings. And their fondness is justified with the fact that rings are indeed easy to carry and they go with all kinds of look, whether party wear, work wear, dinner look or casual look.

Citrine and WhiteTopaz Ring

It has been long time that sleek rings have been in fashion and they continue to be even today, owing to their classic appeal. Nevertheless, statement rings, studded with quality and hued gemstones, have successfully carved a place in every woman’s heart and they are an absolute rage these days in the fashion world.

Reasons why every lady must own a sparkling piece of statement gemstone ring:

Instantly jazz up the casual look

As mostly seen, casual chics prefer not wearing any kind of jewelry, but even they can’t give up their adoration for rings, and donning Statement rings will certainly be a refreshing change for these lovely ladies. Effortless to carry, yet it never fails to add glamour to the simple jeans-tee appearance.

For perfect party look

When heading to a party, it’s a smart choice to pair a statement gemstone ring with a glimmering outfit to keep the look elegant yet modish. However, in case you’re opting for a classic outfit like LBD, it’d be advised to also add up classic gemstone studs with the bold ring. These rings come beautifully set in fine quality metal, such as gold and silver.

Many colorful choices

Coming to gemstones, there is absolutely no dearth when it comes to colors. There are myriad of dazzling options such as Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Citrine, Ruby, Garnet, Tourmaline, Iolite, Rhodolite, just to name a few.

Easy availability

Today with the presence of trusted online jewelry stores, it’s become easy to shop from anywhere at any time. Large numbers of options open in front of you as soon as you visit an online store and it’s effortless to find the jewelry of your choice, best suiting the budget.

So, be all set to add some oomph to the appearance with stunning gemstone ring!

Stylize your look with vibrant gemstone jewelry pieces!

Jewelry turns out to be quite crucial in jazzing up any look. All one need is to wear the jewelry, which is perfect for the occasion, and she is all set to rock at event. It has been since decades that diamond and gold jewelry has been ruling the closet of the style divas and though they continue to still do, but now gemstone jewelry has come around as a new addition and it also enjoys the same attention. Women of every age-group effortlessly carry the look in form of gemstone rings, gemstone earrings, gemstone necklaces and gemstone bracelets.

Gemstone Earrings

However, it’s essential to collect the pieces as per the demand of the occasion and the place. Follow these guidelines to put your best foot forward every time:

Gemstone jewelry for office-look

Well, it goes without saying that anything over the top is a strict no-no when it comes to workplace and it’s best to keep it simple yet classy. Gemstone studs exude this classic appeal that seems just right for the office and a tiny gemstone pendant also does wonders.

Gemstone jewelry for party-look

Chandelier earrings, cocktail rings studded with gemstones or a sleek gemstone necklace, nothing is more absolute than these for an elegant party look. The one rule which every woman must follow while readying up for a party, is to ensure that while adorning an embellished outfit, keep the jewelry minimal, however, in case of heavy jewelry like chandelier earrings and bold pieces, better keep the attire simple.

Gemstone jewelry for casual-look

Casual doesn’t mean boring anymore and layering jewelry is just the apt manner to pep up your casual look. Apart from layering, statement gemstone jewelry pieces again play a key role in beautifying a casual outfit. Nowadays, cuffs, short necklaces statement necklaces, easily fetch the attention of onlookers and that’s why they are on the wish-list of most fashion-conscious ladies.

Gemstone jewelry for dinner-look

Dinner with family and friends is one occasion where you don’t need to be heavily dressed up, while you can still be at your best. Minimal jewelry pieces are certainly the key or in case you desire to carry bold pieces like statement ring or necklace, go for a simple dress.

Let your gemstone ring do the talking; get effortless chic look

Looking effortlessly chic indeed do wonders to your personality and is just perfect for everyday outings. In today’s times when ‘less is more’ is a style mantra followed by most ladies, minimal jewelry pieces still persist to rule. It’s these jewelry statements that bring out the diva in you, without even trying to look one at all. Gemstone rings that carry this subtle appeal instantly boost the persona of the wearer, transforming the overall look. So, let’s find out why everyone should go for this fashion trend.

Enamoring designs

Be it statement rings, which make for bold statement, or delicate looking rings setting classic appeal, gemstone rings certainly have it all. In this day-and-age, people hardly go to brick-and-mortar stores and they prefer shopping in the peaceful environment of home owing to the presence of countless reliable online jewelry stores. When looking for the right gemstone ring for yourself, go shop from the online jewelry store where several of alluring designs will open in front of you.

Vibrant Hues

Let color enter your jewelry closet as gemstone rings come in infinite hues with all of them being enormously enchanting, hence you’re going to have tough time when zeroing upon one for yourself. Stones vary from Amethyst, Spinel, Sapphire, Citrine, Ruby, Garnet, Emerald, Peridot, Pink Tourmaline, among many others. Meanwhile, colors such as Blue, white, red, green radiant orchid are all a rage this season.

Studded with quality metal

Gemstones in vibrant colors and appealing shapes are exquisitely studded in fine quality metal such as 14Kt Rose Gold, 14Kt yellow gold, Fine silver, .925 sterling silver, Vermeil, White Gold, etc. The rings come beautifully crafted in various setting, i.e. Bezel, Prong, Half Bezel, etc.

Captivating shapes

The gemstones are cut in attractive shapes i.e. cushion, round, oval, prong, square, etc. And then the beauty of the ring is further enhanced by studding it with tiny diamonds or by mixing the gemstone of other colors.

Perfect gift option

No matter what the occasion is, whether anniversary or engagement, no gift is as pleasant as a ring to make a woman feel eternally special. There are several of promise rings and wedding bands as well, that come in beautiful designs to captivate the attention of the wearer as well as the onlookers.

Value for the money

Gemstones make for great saving option as the value of precious gemstones increases with time. Also at the online stores, one can find reasonably priced gemstone rings in great variety and amazing designs.

Add a Dash of Beauty with Epitome Gemstone Jewelry

Looking and feeling great they say is an inward feeling that cannot be dictated by external factors. But perhaps there are things that are free from this limiting adage. Unique gemstone jewelry unlike common pieces is loaded with loads of attitude and character affecting passion that it is bound to show on the facial looks and disposition of the wearer.

Epitome Gemstone Jewelry

Timeless Appeal and Delight of Aquamarine Necklaces 

For the modern woman appearance has a lot of bearing on her personal and professional life. Mixing and matching necklaces to stylish attire adds oodles of grace and charm to women’s beauty and character. No doubt also women love to impress with their beauty and nothing should stand in the way if not the desire for unique, impressive charm of these heavenly delights and masterpieces.

Abstract but Absolutely Adorable Gold RingsGold RingThere may be a feeling that rings signify your commitment or engagement only to someone. But there are as many adorable rings that bring new dimension to self projection by just their super sheen of exotic appeal.

Entrancing Effects of Joyful Diamond Studs

Diamonds are ‘woman’s best friend’ but dressing well means bringing new aspects to your style and personality. These new age look accessories simply lift the sartorial garb from the ordinary to hi-fi way of self expression in exceptional garb and accessories.

Pantomime Ascent of Blue Sapphire and Garnet

Some of these gemstones speak loud in terms of classy embodiment and definitely leave an impression on your secret admirers the depth of your classic and regal appeal while spotting them.

Be it an engagement ring, wedding ring, classic bands set in timeless gold and diamonds, the elegant and besotting appeal of blue sapphire, amazing and overwhelming attraction of aquamarine there are classics to make the heart in you succumb in praise and admiration. Get your testimony of marriage to start with beautiful and lasting impression of classical and royal diamonds.